Invertebrate Hunt!

In science today Birch Class – Year 4 went on an invertebrate hunt! First, we thought about what an invertebrate is (an animal without a backbone).  Then, we looked at a variety of invertebrates including insects, annelids and crustations and we learnt a bit about their history.  Next, we went outside looking in and around a variety of habitats to find some local invertebrates.

When looking for the invertebrates, we used a classification key to find out what each animal was, ticked it off and drew a quick sketch.  We found between 5-10 different species in our very own back garden!



Healthy Schools

You should have received a letter last week outlining our ambition to become a healthy school. As part of the process we want to consult with parents on what changes we can make as a school community. There will be a parent meeting on Wednesday 9th May at 8.30am at the school for parents to share their ideas. If you are unable to make the meeting, please complete the questionnaire attached to the letter and return to the school office so we can gather as many views as possible.

Many Thanks

Mrs Higgitt