Snow closures

10.00 am 1st March 2018


Dear Parents and Carers


The weather warnings for the Bristol area have just been upgraded. The school will, therefore, close at 12.45pm today. Our aim is to give the children lunch before they are collected but if you wish to pick them up before that time, please feel free to do so.

Please let the school know if you will have any difficulties collecting your child. In addition, I will need to send staff home at 1.00 pm but I will retain a skeleton staff on site to look after any children whose parents have been delayed due to difficulties with travel.

To allow parents to be able to make arrangements for tomorrow, I am making the decision to close the school on Friday as there is no indication that the weather and travel conditions are going to improve; if anything they will deteriorate.


Thank you in advance for understanding.


Yours sincerely


Gareth Simons – Headteacher, Stoke Park Primary

Weather conditions

Stoke Park aims to stay open on 1st March 2018 but we will review the weather through the morning. Please be ready to collect your child from 12.30. Thank you.