Term 6

Welcome back to the last term of the school year! Wow has this year flown! This term our topic is called “Best of Bristol”. We will be exploring all things to do with our wonderful city- Bristol. From writing our own rap songs to creating our own suspension bridges!

In literacy, we will be continuing writing or non-chronological reports about the Great Wall of China. We are currently exploring various examples of non-chronological reports to get lots of ideas.

In Numeracy, we are learning all about Geometry and investigating different angles, shapes and lines of symmetry.

Science is all about Forces, Friction and Magnets. There will be a great deal of experiments and fair testing going on in Poplar class- Get ready!

I am looking forward to seeing this class continue be super responsible and sensible students, especially as they get closer to Year 5 🙂

Miss Fox

Term 6 Topic Overview – Best of Bristol

Term 6- Poplar Class Newsletter

Homework Planner – Term 6

Term 5

Welcome back after the Easter holidays! This term is a short one but we are going to fit as much exciting things in as we can!

Our topic is “Enter the dragon” which means we are going to be exploring all there is to know about China.

In literacy, we will be looking at “The forbidden city” and writing a fantasy. Maths will consists of converting measurement and reading scales and so far Poplar class have been brilliant

Our Science this term is all about electricity! Soon we will start to make circuits…exciting stuff!

Homework Planner – Term 5 – Enter the Dragon!

Term 5 – Poplar Class Newsletter

Term 5 Topic Overview – Enter the Dragon – Year 4

Term 4

This term we are exploring traditional tales.We will be using lots of drama and puppetry during our literacy lesson. Next, we will become Scientists and will be writing our own explanation texts on the digestive system!

In Maths we are surrounding ourselves with fractions and decimals and money!!

Term 4 – Poplar Class Newsletter

Term 3

In term, 3 we will be writing our own legends. We will transport back to Anglo Saxon time to explore the dark world of Beowulf. Check out our class notice board. We will be putting our completed legends up for all to read,if you dare…

homework planner – term 3 –

invasion Term 3 Topic Overview – Invasion

Term 2

In term 2 we will be looking at the environment around us; exploring human, physical and environmental aspects in geography, becoming scientists to learn about living things and their habitats, delving into the world of Science-fiction in literacy and using our skills in Maths to divide and multiply.

Maths is off to a flying start and Poplar class have already put their Maths multiplying skills to test when a tornado in our class blew all the times tables answers around the room. Luckily the class were at hand to figure out which times tables calculations went with each answer! Phew…close one!

Looking forward to term 2 and excited to see Poplar class really get into this term’s topic across every subject!

-Miss Fox




Term 1

Hello Poplar class!

First of all, welcome to year 4! We have got off to a flying start and you all have settled in nicely into year 4!

My name is Miss Fox. I encourage students to be individual, be brave and try new things in learning and other activities. I hope to create a fun, safe learning environment for all. I encourage reading, whenever possible, outside of school and times tables practice too to strengthen their mental maths!

You all have so much potential!

Attached below is our Year 4 topic web, along with out homework planner and this term’s news letter. I do encourage a homework to be done  at least once a week.


Miss Fox

Topic Overview – Time Traveller

Term 1 school news letter