Welcome to Oak Class, Year 5

Term 6

Dear Parents/Guardians,

I hope you have all had a lovely time off and that you are ready to begin Term 6. Mrs. Schofield and I are looking forward to all the learning this term. We are also looking forward to seeing your positive attitudes towards your learning. In Literacy we are creating mystery stories, using suspense, problem solving and story planning to create exciting and adventurous stories. In maths we are studying measures, including volume, mass and time.

Our topic this term is Bristol!

We will be learning about our city of Bristol. The children will study local geography and maps, as well as the history of the city We will also learn about Bristol’s artists and famous landmarks.

We also look forward to a trip to Bristol Zoo.

Below you can find the topic overview for the term and homework planner. There is also your introduction letter for the term.

topic web bristol Homework term 6 newsletter

All the best,

Mr Pritchard,


Term 5. The carnival!

This term we are learning about Brazil, through our topic of carnival. The Carnival in Rio de Janeiro is a festival Lent every year and considered the biggest carnival in the world with 2 million people per day on the streets. We will also be looking at the Amazon Rainforest, comparing it with the United Kingdom and learning about its features and inhabitants. We will also be practicing art skills (by painting the creatures of the forest) and creating our own musical instruments.

Homework term 5 newsletter topic web


Term 4. Hearts and Minds.
Hi there, welcome to term 4! This term we are learning about how to keep a healthy body and a healthy mind. The children will be learning about the circulatory system, how to have a balanced and varied diet and about famous inventions and operations. In literacy we will be reading the book Pig Heart Boy, then creating a balanced argument from the text. In maths we are continuing to learn about decimals and percentages. Underneath you can find our homework and topic web for the term. I would like to remind children to learn their times tables (or practise if you feel secure), continue to read three times a week and to ensure spellings are practised at home. All the best,
Mr. Pritchard 🙂


Homeworkweb hearts and minds


Term 4 newsletter

Term 3: I’m an Evacuee, get me out of here!

This term we will be learning about World War II. The children will have the opportunity to learn about life in Britain during this time, specifically the lives of the evacuated children. We will be learning through our book ‘Goodnight Mr. Tom’. We will also be visiting the M-Shed to see various items and objects from this time.

Homework Y5 Topic Web Y 5

Term 3 newsletter


Term 2: Shine Bright like a Diamond.

Our focus this term will be on light and photography. We will be learning about famous inventors throughout time. We plan to go on a trip to Lacock Abbey to discover how Fox Talbot’s ambition changed the way we would see the world, forever. The Fox Talbot Museum celebrates the life and work of William Henry Fox Talbot (1800-77). Fox Talbot created the earliest surviving photographic negative in 1835, taken of a small window at his home, Lacock Abbey. We will be focusing on sketching and photography in our art lessons.

Topic Web. Shine Bright Like a Diamond Homework. Shine Bright Like A Diamond

Term 2 newsletter


Term 1: Groovy Greeks.


This term we will be learning through our topic on ancient Greece. The children will be exploring the history and geography of Greece. In art we will be making 3D sculptures and in RE, studying Islam and Christianity. I look forward to seeing the super homework that the children will make. See our home work planner for ideas. Underneath are the topic, home work and newsletter.


Homework Web. Topic Web. Groovy Greeks

term 1 newsletter