Welcome to Nursery class


Class teacher: Mrs Williams
Teaching assistant: Mrs Dicks and Miss Cook
Other adults you will meet: Mrs Hardiman and Mrs Dennison

Thursday is Gymnastics so please remember to put your child in loose clothing. They are amazing at gymnastics and have already moved onto bench work. Mrs Dennison is so proud and amazed at their ability.

Below are the topic webs for the terms, please click on the links

Term 3: Nursery Rhymes Topic web

This term we will be learning Nursery Rhymes and are main focus will be Personal, Social and Emotional. We will be settling the children into their new class through lots of circle games, story times and fun inside and outside. Look out for Nursery rhyme sheets to take home.

Term 4: Spring Fever Topic web

This term we will be learning about Farms, Spring and Easter not forgetting to celebrate all our wonderful Mothers on Mothers day. We will be learning the story The Little Red Hen. We will be making bread just like the Little Red Hen and explore the changes that happens from the dry ingredients through to the sticky dough to the crusty bread roll. We look forward to sharing the story with the parents at the end of term.