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Boing! is  Lockleaze’s Softplay Family Centre and was opened to meet the needs of local families in the area.  Established  in 2011 and run by Stoke Park Children’s Centre, it is a safe and affordable place for families to take their young children, to play with them and get some respite.

We aim to meet as many of the needs of the local area as possible.  We provide support, training and encouragement – outcomes of this approach have included enabling local mums to start and continually run a successful breastfeeding support group.

Having such fantastic facilities makes us stand out from other Children’s Centres and gives children the best start to their lifetime learning adventure.

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At the moment Boing! is temporarily closed until further notice – we apologise for any inconvenience caused. Unfortunately due to a £22,500 budget cut from the council, SPCC are having to look into other ways of running Boing!so that it can survive into the future. We hope to re-open after the summer – our Facebook page will continue to have the latest updates.

However, Boing! is still available for parties and private hire – if you would like more information about this, please contact us on 07958 592 586 or email



Where are we?

Boing! is in The Hub on Gainsborough Square in Lockleaze, BS7 9FB.

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