Welcome to Elm Class!

Class Teacher: Miss Bines
Teaching Assistants: Miss Donlan


The adults in Elm Class are an enthusiastic team who are dedicated to providing children of all abilities with an opportunity to access a broad and enriched curriculum.

Below is the class newsletter which provides the information about P.E days and homework.

Term 5- Eruption!

This term we will be learning all about volcanoes! We will be finding out where they are, what happens inside them and the damage that they can cause! Along with this we will be looking at eruptions that have gone down in history!

Homework Planner-Eruption!

Topic Overview- Eruption!Term 5 termly newsletter

Term 4- Iron Giants

homework planner- Iron Giants

Term 4 termly newsletter

Topic Overview- Iron Giants

Term 3- Hunter and Hunted!

homework planner- The Hunters and the Hunted

Topic Overview- The Hunters and the Hunted

Term 3 termly newsletter

Term 2:

Blood bones and body bits– Term 2 Newsletter

Homework Planner – Funny Bones

Topic Overview- Funny bones

Term 1:

Term 1 termly newsletter

Homework planner Romans

Topic Overview- Romans