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Class Teachers:  Miss Meek and Miss Simmonds
Teaching Assistant: Miss Martin
Welcome to Year 5 and 6! We are looking forward to working with you to support your child throughout this year. Please do not hesitate to see us in the playground at 8.25am if you need to
discuss your child’s needs.


Term 6 – Islam

During the final term of this academic year, we are learning all about the faith of Islam. The children will widen their understanding of religions around the world: what it feels like to belong to such a faith, the meanings of the Five Pillars, Islamic artwork,  the layout of a mosque, the importance of a range of Islamic religious artefacts and also discover different Islamic festivals and celebrations.

Both Year 5 and 6 are hoping to visit a local mosque in Bristol this term and hope to explore this religion in greater depth where they will tour the mosque; be introduced to a brief history of Muslims in the UK. hear definitions of Islamic terms and have a Q&A session with a practicing Muslim.

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Term 5 – Galapagos Giants!

This term’s topic is based on a group of islands off the coast of Ecuador – The Galapagos Islands! We will explore where they are on the world map, what species reside there and those which are endemic to the Galapagos. We will also discover Charles Darwin’s experiences on these islands and use this research to inform us about his life as a botanist.

During week 6 of this 7 week term, the children will take their SATs tests. Over the next few weeks, they will become increasingly confident with what is expected of them as we will begin to revise the areas of the curriculum previously covered earlier in the year. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me as this will ensure your child is supported in the most effective way.

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Topic Overview Galapagos Giants Y6

Term 4 – Frozen!

This term’s topic is geography-based and the children of Year 5 and 6 will be learning all about frozen locations around the world. They will be delving deeper into what life in Antarctica is like by doing extensive research and writing a non-chronological report, as well as exploring the expeditions within this polar climate through the journeys of Ernest Shackleton!

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Topic Overview Frozen Y6 T4

Term 3 – War and Peace

This term, Year 5 and 6 are learning all about life during World War 1. They will start this topic by interactively looking at what life was like in a school during these times and will discover how treacherous life in the trenches was. The children have already shown a great enthusiasm for this topic and we’re hoping to celebrate the end of our topic with a Street Party! Watch this space!

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Term 2  – 3…2…1… blast off!

This term, Year 5 and 6 are exploring the Earth and beyond!

We’ll be doing a lot of science as we find out about our solar system and the planets, sun and moon. We will find out in detail about how night and day occurs along with the learning about the phases of the moon

After all of our investigating into the force of gravity and constellations, we’ll be designing and making our very own rockets and maybe even helping Santa fuel his sleigh in time for Christmas!

Year 6


Term 2 Newsletter

Weekly homework (Maths and Literacy) will be given out on a Friday to be returned by the following Wednesday.

Year 5


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Term 1 – SOLD!

This term, Year 5 and 6 are learning all about The Transatlantic Slave Trade as well as discovering Bristol’s role in this period of history. To help bring this fascinating topic alive, we are going to visit Pero’s Bridge, The Georgian House and the John Wesley museum on Monday 25th September!

Year 6

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Year 6 Class Newsletter year 6 (Term 1) – 2017-18


Year 5

Weekly homework (Maths and Literacy) will be given out on a Friday to be returned by the following Thursday

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Extra Homework activities- Homework Planner SOLD! Y5 T1