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Class Teachers:  Miss Meek & Miss Simmonds
Term 5 and 6 – This is Bristol!

Our topic for term’s 5 and 6 focuses on our favourite city – Bristol! We will be learning about: the important role Bristol played in England’s maritime and slave trade, famous Bristolians in history and the history behind the tradition of St. Paul’s Carnival. Our science this term will focus on living things and their habitats.

Year 6 homework is given on a weekly basis (every Friday) as paper copies and is collected in on the following Wednesday. If your child did not receive their most recent piece of homework, then speak to Miss Meek or Miss Simmonds.

Topic Overview Term 5 and 6 – This is Bristol

Chestnut Class Term 5 Newsletter-

Term 4 – Hearts and Minds


Topic Overview Term 4-Hearts and Minds

Year 6 Class Newsletter year 6 (Term 4) – 2016-17


Term 3 – I’m an evacuee, get me out of here!

Topic Overview Term 3 – I’m and Evacuee, get me out of here!

Year 6 Class Newsletter year 6 (Term 3) – 2016-17



Term 2 – Shine Bright!

glowing yellow light bulb as inspiration concept


Chestnut Class Newsletter year 6 (Term 2)



Term 1 – Groovy Greeks!


Year 6 Class Newsletter year 6 (Term 1) – 2016-17