La galette des rois

Last week, Lou Anne’s mum prepared a ‘galette des rois’ for Hazel Class. It was a beautiful brioche cake in the shape of a crown, with cherries on top. This cake forms part of a French tradition which celebrates the arrival of the Three Wise Men in Bethlehem. We enjoyed learning about the traditions and brought them to life in our class. The youngest child hid under the table and shouted out the names of children who would be next to receive a piece of the cake. One lucky cake-eater had a small figure hidden inside, which meant he became king in our celebration. We really enjoyed learning about the celebration and enjoyed eating it even more. There wasn’t a crumb left! Thank you Mrs Hardy.

Life Bus

Life bus We loved our first ever experience on the Life Bus today. We looked at how to keep healthy and happy. Hope you enjoy the photos.


Dragonfly class trip

Last week, Reception children went on their very first school trip. We had a fantastic autumnal day at Westonbirt Arboretum observing the changes to the trees using our senses. We also went on a Gruffalo hunt and were thrilled to see him and the other characters in the story that we are studying.

3,2,1 Blast off! Year 5/6

On Monday, strange noises could be heard around Stoke Park Schools. Mr Simons asked the children of Year Five and Six to investigate. Together, we found parts of a broken space ship and then found the ship itself. Luckily, instructions were nearby and the children read the imperative verbs, adverbs, time connectives and adverbial phrases in order to fix the ship. Then, we studied more instruction texts and the children created their own instructions. It has been a fantastic week for us and we look forward to seeing where else our topic takes us.

Have the best weekend and all the best!

We fixed it using instructions!

A fantastic term in Year 5 :)

I would just like to say that I have loved the energy and enthusiasm generated by the students in Year Five this term. We have learnt lessons and skills too numerable to mention here. So here is a picture that speaks a thousand words. All the best and enjoy your holidays, you super people.

Mr. P

KS1 Trip to Avon Gorge

KS1 had an amazing trip to Avon Gorge last week. We would like to say a big thank you to Avon Gorge and Downs Wildlife Trust for hosting us. We learnt all about invertebrates, particularly the 8-legged variety. We used what we learnt to hunt for spiders and their webs all around us. We spotted orb, sheet, tangled and tunnel webs and got up close to a very large garden cross spider. We enjoyed a lovely picnic in the Autumn sun, then went on to learn about mammals in our local environment. There were clues about badgers, foxes, deer, mice and squirrels dotted across the Downs. We worked in teams to solve the problems and find out which animals had left clues that they had been there.

Shield Awards in Term 1

We have had a fantastic term one at Stoke Park Schools. This week, our super star writers, mathematicians, readers and spellers received their shield award. Their names have been added to our list of fantastic learners and we look forward to more learning in term two.

Have a lovely half term break and we will see you all next term!

Year 4 Trip to the National Roman Museum

Year 3 and 4 enjoyed a very informative, fun and exciting trip to the National Roman Museum in Caerleon, Wales.

First, we met a Roman Solider who took us around the old barracks he would have lived over 2000 years ago.  We tried on some armor and had a quick snooze in some of their beds, they weren’t very comfy!

Then, we went to look around the museum.  We saw a 2000 year old helmet, pieces of old jewellery, lots of weapons and even the bones of a well known Roman (potentially an officer) in a coffin that was accidentally discovered just nearby.

After a spot of lunch, we went to the incredible Amphitheatre.  This was fascinating – we were standing in the middle of such a great historical monument.  We could see where the Gladiators would have prayed before a big fight and where the animals they would fight were kept.  We asked lots of questions and found out some pretty interesting facts.  Maybe we could tell you one!

We then went into the old Roman baths where we could have a feel for what it would have been like for them at that time.  It was nice and warm in there as we played some Roman games, watched a video on the Romans and we even took some selfies with Julius Ceaser.

It was a jam-packed trip that gave us all really good first hand experience of the Romans.  Thanks to all the parents and volunteers for their support.  It really was a time-travelling adventure.

Flying start in Dragonfly class

Reception children have had a fantastic start to school life! They have settled in brilliantly to school routines and have been busy having fun with their learning. The children voted to change our class story from Owl Babies to Hedgehog Babies so we made hedgehogs out of salt dough and made hedgehog bread!   We hope you like the pictures.