Year 4 Trip to Stoke Park Woods

What a day! Year 4 went out on their school trip to explore “The Best of Bristol” on our very own doorstep.  In groups of 3, the children were given a tool kit including, a map, a set of tasks, a brush, some paper and some water.  In their groups, the children had to find their way around the whole of the park to find special sculptures designed by local children and artists.

Finding all the scultures wasn’t as easy as it seemed, some groups of children and their leaders even ended up getting lost! They did however, stumble across some interesting finds like a giant’s footprint and a fairy house! After each sculpture, the children had to complete a specific task using lots of natural bits and bobs – making a snake from leaves, owls from feathers and snails from sticks.

After exploring the woods, we settled down for a nice long lunch followed by some wide outdoor activities playing in the long grass