Always Party!

What a way to end such a busy term! Have you ever been on an Easter hunt with Peter Rabbit? Have you ever played on the parachute with the Demon Dentist? Have you ever had a football match with an Umpa Lumpah?  Well these children have!

Today’s Always Party was a brilliant celebration full of Easter hunts, little treats, big games and lots of fun and these children very much deserved it.

Well done to all those children who were invited.  These children have continued to show excellent behaviour across all areas of the school as well as progressed and grow as their own individuals within their own right.  The children should be very proud.

Thank you for ALWAYS being brilliant.  Now go and have a lovely long rest. 

Poplar’s trip to @Bristol Science museum.

On Monday, Poplar class had a trip to the @Bristol Science museum where they explored and discovered! They went to an exciting workshop about “How your body works” and looked at how our hearts pump blood around our bodies, at burning calories and energy and even found out how we sweat! Eeew..

Poplar class got to go around and thoroughly look at the rest of the museum and showed outstanding behaviour from start to finish! They were sensible and responsible and thus really got to deeply explore the many interesting things the museum had to offer, such as, stop motion animation, space, giant bubble making, robots, music making and even taking pictures of our own shadows…how cool!

Check out some photos we took from our trip! 🙂


Super work in Year Five.

Well done to Year Five. It has been a busy term in Oak class and they have been working hard all term. I was very pleased today, where have been practising our RUCSAC skills. The  children applied their learning from terms 3/4 to answer questions on decimals, fractions and percentages. They searched around the room to find answers to their loop questions, that were conjured up by the wolves in the walls (our book stimulus for this week). I was especially pleased with the way the children have been drawing pictures to help them understand and calculate a question. Keep up the good work everyone! 🙂